I see you have found interest in me and my work.

I'm Ferry Arya Seto an Indonesian short film/tv commercial director who studied at ITB (Institute Teknologi Bandung) majoring fine art in 2001-2005.  I also studied art at IDS (International Design School, formerly known as Digital Studio) Jakarta majoring Digital Filmmaking in 2006-2008.

I took interest in many field of creative work such as music, illustration work, graphic design, digital imaging, motion graphic, and of course film making and video productions.

I take pride in having won a couple of award such as: Best student (digital filmmaking major), 2 move 2 serious Favorite People Choice Award at Budi Luhur University, 1st and 2nd prize Hellofest vol 5 people choice award for the movie NITRO and Balada Si Duit Ceban. Co-Directed for the film TAKSI, Winner of FISFiC (Fantastic Indonesian Short Film Competition). My best works is ahead of me as i am still developing and learning new experience each day and hope in having a wonderful working experience with you. Find my work resume on linked.in for further info.